Budapest Hostels

Art Photography Hostel
Just from the name alone it makes you feel that you are going to have a wonderful stay at the Art Photography Hostel in Budapest and this is one place where you are not going to be disappointed. This hostel is in the Pest Region of the city and it is almost next door to the Hungarian National Museum. Book Now

Emerald Ensuites
This Hostel is not only famous for its wonderful facilities but its artistic design and unique décor. The interior is well painted with lovely cool colors that make it a relaxing place for visitors. At the entrance, there is a sitting place and a team of friendly staff waiting to serve you. Book Now

GoodMo House
There is a shared kitchen available as well as free Wi-Fi throughout the building and you can use it in the shared lounge area where there is a TV and it is a great place to just sit down and chill with other guests. However, there are no pets allowed at the house but then that is hardly new as the majority of places in Budapest do not allow pets in their door. Book Now

B My Bed Hostel
Furthermore, there are ample places for you to store your belongings in a safe and secure manner and there is also some security options available at reception if you need to feel even safer still. When you then add in that each room is spotless and the staff work hard to keep it that way, then you know that this is a place that they take pride in from start to finish. Book Now

Hostel Flandria
Overall, Hostel Flandria is a pretty spectacular place and you will be more than happy with what it has to offer just as long as you do not allow the fact that it is out of the city to put you off even making that initial booking. It is certainly up a level from the majority of hostel accommodation especially with all of the extras that are added on throughout the entire hostel. Book Now